If you are actively under an urgent cyber threat or even an attack, we’re ready with a 24/7 emergency response. Our team of experts will assist immediately to try and minimise any immediate or future damage.


For example, maybe your data has been seized using crypto locker and the threat actor is demanding a ransom to release it. Our emergency cyber response service will help you take swift action to minimise the impact of the attack and alleviate the immediate danger. We’ll attempt all available steps to restore your data without having to pay a ransom, and with your reputation intact.


We’ll go through an information gathering checklist, and if safe to do so, will remotely log in to your system or, in some cases, attend your premises to further evaluate what is happening. We’ll advise on the urgent actions you can take to stop further attacks and restore your systems and data.


You need to protect your data, your reputation and your business – Cyber3Sec’s expert emergency response team can help.

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