IT Security Audits

Don’t know where to start with cybersecurity? Want to know how your security shapes up? Or maybe you want to apply for a recognized security accreditation.

The place to start is with our IT Security Audit. A Cyber3Sec specialist security engineer will visit your premises to evaluate exactly how effective your security is right now, and where the gaps and risks lie.

We will evaluate the way you work, your processes and the systems you use. We’ll check what you have in place against the cyber essentials task list as well as other industry standard frameworks. We’ll review your email setup, your data processing systems, such as accounting and customer management. We’ll check out your firewall, the topology of your network and the way that your non-office based staff remotely access your systems. We’ll include desktops, laptops and phones as well as any in-house or cloud servers – leaving no stone unturned.

The results of our audit is a written report which highlights your security strengths and exposures. The report includes:

  • Action to enhance your security
  • Steps needed to prepare for any industry accreditation (should this be a requirement)
  • Suggested training courses to upskill your staff

You can use the report to prioritise and plan your next steps, and/or brief a specialist partner to help you.

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