Penetration testing

If you want to be sure that your systems are safe, there’s no more effective way than putting them to the test, by trying to gain unauthorised access. Cyber3 Sec offers a penetration testing service, where we’ll try all the techniques that a hacker would use, to see whether we can gain unauthorised access to your system and as a result, showing you the areas where you are most vulnerable.

Penetration testing is for you if you host an external web page or application, or if you’re a large company wanting reassurance that your internal systems are secure and that your network is protected. This is a mandatory requirement if you are in specific industries or if your organisation must adhere to the PCI-DCS certification, GDPR, HIPAA, SOC2 and in some cases ISO27001. Cyber3Sec can ensure that the devices protecting your network areprotecting your network.

We offer two levels of penetration testing:

  1. Vulnerability scanning– we’ll scan your network from the outside and inside, looking for security gaps that could offer an entry point to an intruder. We’ll check that your devices have the latest firmware and servers have latest system updates. We’llcheck your licences, operating systems versions and any required patches for system hardening. We’ll provide you with a written report highlighting where the exposure are, and any parts of your system with ‘holes’ that need plugging.
  2. Full penetration testing –this is a customised approach to penetration testing, sometimes known as ‘ethical hacking’. We’ll actively try to gain unauthorised access into your system, using information that is available online – for example, to discover passwords. We’ll report back on our findings and where your security leaves you exposed to hackers. We try to gain unauthorised access into your system so that the hackers can’t.

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