Phishing simulations

Phishing is when hackers send fake emails designed to convince the recipient to share sensitive data – such as passwords, account details, addresses. The hackers then use this data in fraudulent activity and identity theft.


Phishing emails are often cleverly presented to look authentic, and as if they come from a trusted source. They may even look like they come from within your own organisation. Their aim is to trick the user into providing sensitive and valuable information.


Your level of risk when it comes to phishing is all down to your processes and your staff. Your best means of protection is to educate your team on how to recognise suspicious emails and on what to do when they receive one.


Cyber3Sec can help you understand how effectively your security processes are working, and your staff’s security competencies. We will simulate a phishing attack by sending emails to your staff, and report back to you on the level of staff engagement with the malicious emails.

Our phishing simulation and report will help you identify where processes need to be modified, where the knowledge gaps are, and where additional education is required.

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