Virus and malware protection

Viruses, spyware and keyloggers – there are many different forms of malicious software (malware) that can impact your systems and your business. Viruses slow down or even destroy your systems; spyware aims to capture information for phishing attacks; keyloggers capture keystrokes in order to hack passwords.

Malware is harmful and a very real risk, but you can protect yourself against it with comprehensive anti-virus (AV) software. AV software offers highly effective prevention against known viruses – it checks your systems against a database of ‘virus signatures’ and quarantines and deletes any malware found. Cyber3Sec’s recommended solutions have the most up to date database of virus signatures available.

Cyber3Sec will install anti-virus software on all your devices and systems, setup security policies and configure the software to quarantine threats and report back if any breaches are identified in your systems, or if there is an attempt to remove the AV software itself. The virus database will be updated regularly, and we’ll manage the entire process to save you hassle and time.

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